Party vibes

As I sit here staring out of the window at the garden. I can’t help but imagine what it would look like filled with people I care about and oceans of delicious food and drink. Showing your friends how much you care for them can be achieved in various ways however, I can’t think of a better way than to provide them with the opportunity to enjoy a comfy seat in a chilled environment and supply them with lots of goodies. We have talked previously of key trends to consider when planning an event. All are still very much relevant and so you can read that blog here.  But what do you need to know when it comes to food and drink?  We’re already a third of the way through 2019 – here’s what’s proving to be hot this year.

All things food

Food as theatre
Think fire pits and marshmallows or toasted sandwiches dripping with oozing cheese from your own ‘cheesecake’. Popping corn freshly popped and flavoured on site or candy floss whirled on demand with flourish. Theatre of food is where it’s at.

Food as art
Edible displays are a thing of beauty and astonishment. We recently created a savoury edible allotment for an autumn themed installation. It was a treat to watch the first guests, keen to experiment, take a carrot and use it to scoop up the soil. A real talking point and the guests loved it.

Food as self service
Food stations, as well as creating theatre, also allow for an interaction between your guests and the chef. This takes the concept of everyone hanging around the barbie and turns it on its head with flourish. It also enables easily customised food to incorporate personal likes (or dislikes). We’ve successfully incorporated lots of different food stations into events. From Sushi to Eton mess, they have always proved to be popular.

Food as an ice breaker
Grazing tables are a splendid way of introducing the ‘wow’ factor and getting your guests interacting quickly. Nothing says stylish more than beautiful food and a decorated table. Themes can easily be incorporated such as the Autumn inspired canape grazing table we created for a recent corporate event.

Food as meat free
Veganism is popular to the extent it can now be considered mainstream. It offers a great opportunity for people to experiment with concepts, textures and flavours they normally wouldn’t consider. Delicious and a great talking point.

All things drink

Drinks as a personal statement
Think signature cocktails, bespoke and personal to you. We’re seeing these increasingly often at weddings. Our mixologist loves taking your ideas and turning them into something delicious.
Drink as non-alcoholic
At a recent wedding I attended as a guest, I was touched to receive a basket full of various speciality teas. The venue was close to Cardigan Bay in South Wales and most accommodation there ‘glamping’ tents. It was the perfect gift, on trend and cemented in the nations obsession with tea. On a theme, we have seen vintage tea trolleys with speciality blends and hot chocolate late into the evening. If alcohol is not your thing (or for youngsters) bespoke non-alcoholic cocktails and bells jars filled with various flavours of cordial also work well.
Drink as an environmental statement
Single use plastics are a big no no these days. Especially since glassware can be hired in relatively cheaply. It’s also worth considering the environmental cost of the miles your tipple has travelled. Local and sustainable sourcing and working with ethical producers is now top of many peoples priorities. On a recent trip to the Bombay Sapphire distillery at Laverstoke Mill were we astonished to learn of huge list of sustainable considerations introduced by the company. It invoked warmth in our hearts (or maybe that that the gin).