The UCL School of Management is based on the 38th floor of One Canada Square in Canary Wharf, at the heart of Europe’s premier finance and business district. The School of Management offer undergraduate, graduate and executive programmes. Such programmes come with focus on a high degree of creativity, to prepare alumni for leadership roles in the next generation of technology-intensive organisations, as well as in finance and consulting firms.


Our brief was to get seriously creative with food. This was the launch of the prestigious business school on the 42nd floor of One Canada Square, Canary Wharf for 155 VIP guests. We were tasked with delivering victuals that portrayed everything the business school represents; innovation, creativity and difference.

The Four Gables Touch

Visual representation is a powerful way for students to understand financial and mathematical abstracts and is crucial to the subjects studied at UCI. We took the concept of ‘Visual representation’ and suggested the concept of ‘Food theatre’. As well as the obvious visual connection; food theatre offers the perfect opportunity to be interactive and engage with the customer. Our chefs thrive in ‘live food’ situations – and it enables guests to enjoy the science and process behind the food as well as the food itself. We created a live sushi station – with chefs rolling sushi to order. The station enabled food creativity and customisation depending on the tastes of the guest and how spicy they enjoyed their food. Food as theatre is one of our specialities and it was very satisfying to be able to use it to achieve the brief set.