James Dickson, the owner and founder of Workshop coffee came to the business in 2013 via the unusual combination of wine and chartered surveying. James states his Australian heritage together with the works of the groundbreaking businesses Square Mile, Monmouth and Hasbeen set the ethos of the business. Travel and work experiences in other cultures also have key roles in the primordial soup of influences. At Workshop that ethos is combined with European roasting practices and small single-estate hand picked farms providing the raw beans.

Workshop coffee available roasts


We’re continually searching for new suppliers. Integrity and sustainability are key therefore Workshop coffee fits the bill perfectly. As well as a myriad of cafes and shops across the capital showcasing the best coffee possible, they also roast their own beans on site at the headquarters in the White Collar Factory Building. ‘Clean, sweet and fresh’ is the guiding principle behind every batch produced.

The Four Gables Touch

According to the British Coffee Association, coffee is now the most popular drink worldwide.  As such it is a delicious full stop to your event.  As you can imagine, over the course of a year we serve lots of it.  We take as much care in sourcing the best quality we can find as we do about preparing your meal.  Expect to see a lot of Workshop produce coming your way soon.