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The Wheels Are Turning

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It has been a challenging time but as a business we are in a great place and are “up and at it” (the team in the office laugh at my terrible phrases). As I write this blog post the kitchen smells of chargrilling lamb koftas not a bad way to start the day and that is because today represents our first post lockdown event and not only that, our second event comes tomorrow. Since we told you about those three social distant approved event concepts I have in all honesty been surprised at the interest and confirmed events. We were quite sure we wouldn’t be doing a great deal through this summer but I am very optimistic that while on a smaller scale we will indeed be “up and at it”.


So, you might be thinking how can we be doing that. We have been working hard with the events industry influencers to understand what can and can’t do – take a look at some of our event concepts. Alongside the recent news from the Prime Minister this means that things (fingers crossed) are going to keep improving, allowing us to get back to bigger events as time goes on.


What can you expect of us over the coming months. We are set to release our menu concepts for 2021 which we have been working hard on and are really excited about (we are going big on live food/cocktail experiences). We are also going to learn lots about delivering events while social distancing and we have some plans to expand our ideas/concepts as time goes on.


Lastly, a thank you from me. I have had countless calls, emails, messages from friends of the business and clients wishing us well in what has been a challenging time. It has been wonderful to read your kind words and we are really excited about what is to come, in a time when lots of companies are consolidating – we are in a good place and are looking forward to delivering our growth plans.


Looking forward to seeing you soon,