Our plans for 2020…

Hey! For those I have not said hello to in the past (I imagine that is very few) a big HELLO.

I’m David, director here at Four Gables Group. At the end of the year, we normally take a little bit of time to map out the route Four Gables intend to take in the coming year. It is my job to ensure we deliver for our clients the best way we can and to tell people about them. Since it’s the first time we have drawn up plans going into a new decade, I thought it would be a good idea to take a little time to share them with you on our journal.

I guess you would call me a creative type, hopefully not one of those people that simply come up with wacky ideas that do not transpire into something deliverable. That creative spark has formed a big part of what we have planned this year, if I had one criticism of us over the last couple of years, it would be that as we have grown as a business we have not kept up our levels of innovation. This year has already seen improvements in that area and those improvements are set to continue.


What can you expect?

We are placing a big emphasis on our website and online “presence”. You will see our Journal come alive in a bigger way. You will see all the people within the business “having their say”. Posts like this, where we tell you about new and exciting ideas will be more common. One of those ideas is us going back to our roots – all our chefs here at Four Gables have a background in Michelin starred food. We have designed three different gastronomic experiences that would work perfectly in a swanky London venue, private house or corporate boardroom. I know because I have seen and tasted what we have in store that this is going to be seriously good. Without giving to much away because we are still tinkering with ideas, one experience allows you to discover your “inner child” with dishes such as Eating Worms and Alphabetty Spaghetti.

In the pipeline

Most of what we do is based in London these days. We have a big focus on corporate events and are working with a number of venues such as museums, event spaces and white spaces. We love nothing more than an event brief that says “let your imagination run wild and deliver us something memorable” that allows us to get to work on creating theatre.
Another thing that you will see from us is the occasional white paper. With our experience and knowledge we have our finger on the pulse and we want to do a better job of sharing our knowledge – ultimately we think that will enable us to deliver a better product. What’s up first? Keep your eye out for the ‘Evolution of food from 2010 – 2020′.