‘Seasoned 2019’ is officially launched.

The brochure is the backbone of your food experience.  It will tell you a little bit about us and what we love and give you a place to start for your food selections.

There are a whole range of suggested menus.  We should say that these are guides, not absolutes.  We are not fans of the ‘set’ menu and cannot think of anything worse than churning out the same stuff over and over.  So, once you’ve had a chance to have a look at ‘Seasoned’, come and join us for a chat in the office with a glass of wine and let’s get excited about food and cocktails!

Fundamentally, our job is to create your vision and ensure that your event is everything you want it to be.  Our ethos is food theatre, each of your guests are part of the show and it our job to perform and ensure people remember your event as something truly special.

You can visit ‘Seasoned 2019’ here.