The bio for Luxe Bride is very clear on the direction and ethos of the company. ‘Luxe Bride Boutiques and Luxe Brides are on the same page, we love Luxury and innovative Brands. Our member Boutiques sell beautiful and out of the ordinary wedding outfits, we demand impeccable quality and we expect great provenance. The member Boutiques offer the best shopping experiences out there and the best Wedding Dress Brands. We have our own style and our own opinions. Our speciality is styling the Luxe bride. We know her, for she is us’.  


After being introduced by wedding planner (and friend of Four Gables) Susie Evans, we were commissioned to provide lunch for a two day digital workshop. The brief of the workshop was to provide a training experience the directors at Luxe Bridal would want to attend – something unmissable and compelling. The clients were the creme de la creme of bridal retail, you can view the full list here. The food would be eaten as a working lunch and so needed to be clean and easy to eat but delicious and funky. No buffets here!

The Four Gables Touch

The food needed to be beautiful and practical. We put together ‘bento boxes’ styled with edible flowers. Day one was a beautiful Asian styled box bursting with vegetable sushi; hoisin duck; luscious soy marinaded salmon and bok choy. Lime and mint posset with sesame crumble served as a finale. Day two showcased all things ‘traditional’ wedding with smoked salmon and crab mayo ‘pillows’; parmesan scones with blue cheese and poached pear; duck egg, spinach & cucumber roulade; four cheese and chive quichettes and a pudding of lemon & pistachio drizzle cake and fresh strawberries and clotted cream. Leonie Clare co-founder of Luxe Bridal said, ‘Thank you so much again. There is still much talk of thoroughly enjoying the bento boxes among the attendees. Superb food beautifully presented’.

Images by Hayley Bray,