Workshop Coffee is dedicated to sourcing, roasting and brewing the best coffee possible. That means working closely with the most dedicated farmers, co-operatives and exporters they can. Those who are willing to develop, evolve and adapt to work towards improving the quality of the raw product. Their coffee range changes through the year to reflect the varying harvest seasons around the world. As a result, the range is never exhaustive, but a showcase of what’s delicious right now.


We work hard to source the best suppliers for your event. So, David, Nigel and John headed up to London for a tasting session to sample the new Columbian seasonal range just received by Workshop. We enjoyed listening to the history of the beans then observing the process of roasting once Workshop take possession of them. Roasting coffee is a fascinating process. It is gratifying to see the raw product being treated with such reverence.

The Four Gables Touch

The team tasted several of the coffees proffered. Including Gerardo Irira – a very juicy coffee with fruity notes. Flavours of plum and persimmon, lots of brown sugar and candied walnut in the finish were evident. Also on the menu was Pedro del Trujillo – a wonderful soft cup with flavours of white chocolate, walnut and black tea with hints of fleshy pear and kiwi. The purpose of the visit was successful. We’re delighted to be able to work with Workshop and offer their coffee to you at your event.