One of the most exciting parts of your event is choosing the menu. With so many options out there we want to make this as easy as possible. We understand your need to look at ideas to get those creative juices flowing, so we have designed the ‘Seasoned’ brochure to give you a starting point. Clients then prefer to individualise their menus. So, once you’ve had a look, join us in the office for a chat over a glass of wine and let’s get creative. Click on the picture to launch the flipbook.

The bar

You might know that our sister company The Tipsy Food Company is a spirits brand so we distill our own range of spirits which you will find behind the bar all over the world – this allows us to create amazing drinks at events. With seasonal cocktails, signature drinks, an extensive wine list to chose from and great beers, we are flexible to your needs. Let our mixologist get creative with your favourite ingredients. ‘The Bar’ gives you the run down on all traditional options available. That said, we love heading ‘off-piste’, so if you have any special requirements then we’d love to talk through options. Click on the picture to launch the flipbook.

Dietary requirements

This is a big part of any event and it’s our job to make this as easy as possible. Every part of our menu has been analysed to ensure your guests can double check their requirements. Once your menu is finalised, please direct your guests to the flipbook below by clicking on the picture. That said, we often find having a conversation is the best, so if there is anything we can do to help or if you or your guests have any questions, then please give us a call. Get in touch.

Contact Us

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