The current warm weather lends itself beautifully to outdoor cooking.  As a nation we all love a good barbie and these days, for our mental well being, we’re all encouraged to spend more time in the great outdoors.

It’s blooming lucky we live in such a fab area that lends itself to cooking outdoors. Recently, in collaboration with Red Bull, we went along to Surrey Hills Yurts for some Al Fresco cooking and a few beers.

The event itself was for the Red Bull marketing department who had requested an ‘outdoor cooking experience’. Surrey Hills Yurts based in the Mole Valley between Ranmore Common and Leith Hill provide both venue and ambience.  Anyone who knows the area will know the spectacular views afforded by both hills.

It was not only the views that were captivating, the open space provides a safe venue for outdoor activities. Guests enjoyed archery and axe throwing before settling down to dinner. David came into work the next day with his head still attached, reassuring us he ducked under all the flying objects 😉

On the menu was chargrilled asparagus with lemon aioli; cumin flatbreads; a spring broth with tenderloin of pork and a Four Gables special banoffee pie cooked in the embers.  Eaten like an banquet around the fire, it was delicious.

If this is something that sounds like fun for your event or team building day then give us a call.

Photo by Evan Kirby on Unsplash