In previous posts we’ve talked with pride about our relationship with local suppliers.  Symbiotic relationships are obviously mutually beneficial for our businesses but the ultimate winner is the customer who benefits from shared excellence and experience.


One of our longest business relationships is with Mad Lilies, a florist in Banstead.  So much so that after seven years of mutual working we are proud to regard them as friends.

Alison, the owner of Mad Lilies is at the top of her game – her product is visually beautiful and cleverly styled (we’re only a little jealous of her Instagram feed) and like Four Gables, you are the centre of her business. We see many similarities between ourselves and the way Alison nurtures her business.  Dependable, passionate and hard working, with a clear understanding of what her customers want and a way of stylishly articulating their desires through her work.  She loves her clients and wants to make life as easy as possible for them.

As such, her testimony page speaks volumes.