“Food is the most sincere and authentic expression of people and places from all different expressions of tradition”. Kamal Mouzawak, Do Lectures 2016

Four Gables Group made an immediate splash in Surrey when David first launched the business from his bedroom in 2011.  Originally Four Gables was launched as a Cookery School.  It quickly gained a reputation for enabling a fine dining experience to be enjoyed by all.  Later, wedding and corporate events were added to the company repertoire.

Today, Four Gables Food is a well established and respected event management company, employing over ten full time and several casual staff to provide exciting, delicious food across many genres of events.

But what about the man behind it?  A pretty normal guy, the self confessed entrepreneur decided he was going to be a chef at the age of 13.  This decision was probably influenced by his Mum who was a food technology teacher – there was a LOT of great food at home.  Come to think of it, that might be one of the reasons why another of David’s passion is sport, this time inherited from his Dad.

After completing an apprenticeship he worked in lots of different hotels and restaurants across London and France and had an amazing time doing so.  The desire to run his own business grew and eventually drew him back to the UK and to Four Gables.  David is supported by his lovely wife Alice, a physiotherapist.  They have a wonderful little boy called Harry who loves to spend time on the smallholding around the office, feeding pigs, mucking out lambs but most of all driving diggers!
While David is living his best life at the moment, long term he would love to transfer his entrepreneurial skills to the charity sector, watch this space to see how that pans out.