‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ could have been the proverb behind the development of Peak Performance apparel. A meeting of minds in Åre, a mountain village in the Swedish province of Jämtland in 1986 was driven by a need for functional, stylish and simple clothing. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Peak Performance is not only a global company specialising in clothing created for skiers and has now included active ranges and apparel suitable every day use in the urban environment. They utilise their know-how of functionality and quality and seamlessly fuse it with modern design.

Peak Performance are launching a pop-up store at 6 Market Street, Guildford. The shop is run by active people with a love for skiing and the outdoors. We were invited to collaborate around all things food for their launch party.




We teamed up with the guys from Peak Performance to design a launch event to kick off their 2019 Ski season. The Peak Performance team wanted the food to represent the ethos of the brand. Stylish and simple.

Skiing involves effort in invigorating environments. So, it’s only natural that après ski, participants crave opulent, indulgent food that warms the soul as well as the body. Think oozing cheese, melt in the mouth potatoes with lashings of butter, drinks warmed with spices full of comfort and luxury.

The Four Gables Award Winning Touch

The venue needs to look, feel and smell like an alpine resort. What evokes the gastronomic culture of skiing better than a crepe station? Soft, dimpled, frilly, delicate and utterly delicious served with sweet or savoury.

Adding depth to the food are a selection of canapés. Classic tartiflette dressed with grain mustard vinaigrette to add a little acidity. Mini reblochon fondue oozing cheesy goodness and mopped up with crusty bread served with charcuterie and cornichons. Luxurious smoked salmon tartare with sesame seed and coriander and to refresh the palate, asparagus ice cream with crispy shallots. All washed down with Vin Chaud. Decadent and delicious.