Although, the first use of the word cocktail is disputed, cocktails were certainly served around the start of the 1800’s. The first publication of a bar guide including cocktails was in 1862. It’s telling that one of those cocktails referenced, the ‘Old Fashioned’, is still one of the most popular today. 

Cocktails come in and out of fashion like a ride on the hokey cokey. After falling out of favour through the middle part of the 20th century, the 1980’s saw a massive resurgence in their popularity. Especially with the introduction of vodka in cocktails. Heading into the 21st century saw a revival of the more traditional cocktails. More recently, the trend has been for familiar cocktails revitalised with novel ingredients and more complex flavours.

If our experience this year tells us anything, it is that cocktails have never been more popular. They are a lovely way of adding sparkle and difference to your event. They also give you an easy and cost effective way of offering variety to your guests. 


Modern cocktails reflect a modern environment. Their beauty lies in their adaptability and puts you in charge of the narrative of your event. You can use seasonal ingredients to reflect the weather outside. Invoke feelings of decadence such as reliving holiday vibes, or using flavours and aromas to incite nostalgia.

Cocktails are an expression of your personality. If using local and seasonal produce is important to you, this can be easily reflected in your cocktail choices. It’s not essential to produce a whole menu of cocktails. Just adding one or two carefully chosen cocktails to your bar list will be enough to add sophisticated alternatives to the traditional wines and beers.

The Four Gables Award Winning Touch

At a recent wedding, our clients served gin cocktails laced with botanicals. Gin was so important to their story, they even used different gins for table names. It was amazing and we loved enthusiasm for the story. Trying to develop a cocktail from scratch can be really difficult. Especially if you don’t have a signature drink that is important to you. So, our mixologist has tried to do the hard work for you. Our key cocktails have been developed to marry the two things that are really important to a celebration; food and drink. They are classical favourites with a twist; spiced apple crumble, lemon meringue pie and candyfloss cosmo. Think esteemed, classical, sophisticated and fun!