Southern Spain

Over the years, many of the Four Gables team have been lucky enough to visit mainland Spain. Popular destinations include Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia and Seville, the capital city of Andalusia. Both cities are known for amazing architecture and history. Seville has three UNESCO world heritage sites within the old town while the Barcelona skyline is synonymous with the imaginative, modernistic and controversial works of Antoni Gaudi (fruit instead of gargoyles anyone?). But really, the draw of these iconic cities is the food.

Northern Spain

I first visited Barcelona in 2008 to run the marathon. I’d heard wonders about the architecture of the city but the overriding memory of that first trip was not the run or the urban beauty of the city, rather the extensive tapas culture.  It was my first time enjoying such, (the North East of England – although renown for its seafood was definitely not know for its, ahem, culture.  More likely, a polystyrene tray with pickled whelks and a pin to hook them out with). So for me, the Spanish tapas menu dripped with indulgence.  Luscious stuffed peppers and tomatoes. Charcuterie boards full of rich Serrano ham, opulent salamis and creamy hard Manchego served with a sharp quince jelly.  Fish stews abundant with seafood and potatoes in a tomato sauce. I still dream about them today. So it was with great joy that I recently stumbled over the website of Culinary Backstreets.  A website headlining the best of world urban cuisine.  The latest article by Paula Mourenza featured Christmas in Galacia. You can read the whole article here. We loved it and hope that you will too.