What is it all about?

A few years ago we used to run a cookery school. Eventually, the events business took over and so we put the cookery school into cold storage.

Since we’re on a temporary pause, we thought it would be a great idea to dig it out of the freezer and launch it online. So, tah dah, we have created a the Four Gables Community Cookery School on Facebook. You can find the group here. Over in the group will post a daily store cupboard recipe to help you and your kids get cooking. We will also run two weekly cookalongs on a Tuesday and Friday morning at 11.30am for you to get involved.

This group will evolve as time goes on and with a bit of luck should provide a bit of lighthearted fun to keep everyone entertained.

The most important part is you! If you have any questions or would like to share your own recipes or pictures of the food you make – please get over to the group and share away, we’d love to hear from you.

The First Video - David talking about "the plan"

Recipe cards

Each day we’ll post recipes you can make with the family. Each are designed to turn store cupboard ingredients into delicious meals and treats.

‘We are one’ in these testing times and this is your community group as much as it is ours. Feel free to share your pictures of your makes and bakes and revel in the warm glow that is the Four Gables Food Community.

Live Cook-alongs

Every Tuesday and Friday at 11.30am we’ll be streaming a live cook-along from David’s kitchen. It’s a proper family affair as his four year old son Harry will act as his sous chef and wife Alice will be relaying your questions to David as we go along. Recipes are posted a couple of days before to enable you to beg, borrow or steal any ingredients you might not have to hand – we’ll also make swap suggestions where appropriate. It’s slightly chaotic, unrehearsed and loads of fun. Tune in to the Four Gables Community Food Group on Facebook to cook-along.

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