After a busy week getting everything ready, CoffeeActive, the new business venture from Barrie and Mel at PedalActive in Ashtead, Surrey opened to much acclaim last Saturday.  ‘PedalActive is developing its own cafe culture‘ the Facebook page claims.  If the success of Barrie and Mel’s innovate cycle business, incorporating a spin studio (the attic of doom) and cycle tours in Europe is a measure, it will develop a very special cafe culture.  CoffeeActive aims to welcome the residents of Ashtead and beyond to all those who love coffee and have an affinity with all outdoor activities.

You may be wondering why Four Gables has been taking an active interest in the progress of Coffee Active?  Essentially, CoffeeActive is managed on a daily basis by our ‘business to business’ Contract Management arm.  Which is why we’re really proud of the comestibles on offer in the cafe and the warm welcome offered to you by our staff, Tina and Will.

Fundamentally, the remit for Four Gables Contract Management is to help those in the hospitality industry.   That may be as simple as providing advice and a guiding hand to businesses who may need a bit of help with setup through to running the entire venture, including managing all of the catering and staff for the business.  If you are interested in knowing more then have a look at the website here, then contact David for a chat about how Four Gables to help your business.