Those familiar with the concept of Channel 4’s ‘Amazing Spaces’ will know that it’s protagonist, George Clarke spends his time searching the country for inspirational small builds. What you may not know is that Four Gables undertook our own Amazing Space conversation a few years ago. It involved a dilapidated vintage VW Camper Van and it’s transformation into a mobile bar.


In 2016 the business was transitioning from part time cookery school and part time events company. We were growing up and developing a fully fledged full time events company with big ideas. We needed a solution to the ‘bar problem’.  How do we deliver a bar that is funky, stylish and functional? We stumbled across the vintage VW camper and immediately our hearts and minds were set. The brief for this project was simple. Engineer this small space into a mobile bar, perfect for parties, weddings and corporate events.

The Four Gables Touch

We love that the van has heritage. It required a lot of work to make it functional. Keen to make sure the refit was sensitive to the van’s history and create something funky we commissioned a company called ‘Lust for Rust’ to help us. It was a suitably named company – there was a lot of rust!  But after some body works, a refit and respray the van was ready. We love our mobile bar, small and perfectly formed to provide a full bar suitable for mixing cocktails and serving wine and beers. Click here to find out more.