Welcome to a fresh way of celebrating food creativity, innovation and difference. While were the salt of the earth, our food is anything but. Our expertise is taking fresh ingredients and turning them on their head to deliver the food you love with passion and flair.
We are proud to be one of the South Easts leading catering companies. We know we are great at three things; food, drink and customer service, so we work with a number of fabulous partners who are experts in their field for everything else. Our professional staff have events experience adding up to more than 50 years. Our combined skill and knowledge will help create your vision and make your event be the best yet.

Four Gables is a fun and refreshingly relaxed events company with a strong team ethos. The foundation of that ethos was very much built by owner David. While all the other kids were dreaming of being a fireman or super hero, David wanted to be a chef.

We’re sure that when David offered his first cooking gig for a private dinner party via an auction, he would not have expected it to grow into an award winning events business. From that auctioned dinner, David carried on catering on a part time basis for friends and family while working full time. Eventually, things came to a head (as they do) and David took the plunge to leave his job and pursue his dream full time. ‘Judge me by my results’ is an adage David lives by, even today. So while not an easy decision, he was determined to make it work.

Although David is less in the kitchen now (as he spends more time heading the business) he still does sneak in occasionally. He claims his favourite kitchen job is preparing wild mushrooms, a claim that draws a ‘look’ from head chef Dave.

Four Gables was established in 2012 as a multi faceted business. Over the last seven years, the events side of the business has grown exponentially, resulting in a team of ten staff who have attained numerous awards in the last couple of years. A happy client is what the business thrives on. David said, “The biggest kick I get out of what we do is at 2am when we leave at event and the client says  ‘guys, that was brilliant’. That for me is job satisfaction.”

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